Professionals need Internet exposure but don’t have time to promote their websites. Your free Dexterous profile will give you enormous exposure, and all you have to do is respond to quotes.

  • Dexterous finds customers who are looking for you

Dexterous has a huge database of consumers looking for help with their projects.
We help them define the scope of their project, and identify their key performance factors such as price, design skills, or timing. We filter and screen consumer’s projects to find the right fit for each professional.

  • Dexterous sends you quote requests

Once we’ve vetted the quotes as legitimate, and helped them clarify what they are looking for, we’ll send you their quote request via text or email.

  • You choose if you want to respond

If it sounds like a fit, you send them a personal message with your quote, estimate, or request for more information. Your message will include a link to your professional Dexterous profile, so they can see the pictures and text you have posted to help sell yourself, and your contact info.
The customer will review the quotes they get, and choose which professional(s) to contact.

Quick Tips to grow your business with Dexterous

Businesses grow on customer satisfaction, but customer satisfaction is not just about price and delivery. Customer satisfaction is built on a good working relationship between consumer and professional. Always keep in mind that customers are looking for the right person as much as they are shopping for the right item or service. Tell them who you are, as well as what you do.

  • Build a successful profile
    Your profile is where customers get to know you and become convinced you are the right pro for them. It only takes a few minutes to make a profile. Establish a personal connection with a picture of your face, and build trust with some examples of your work.

    Customer testimonials are great, and don’t forget to list any credentials you have, professional associations you are a member of, and of course links to your full website and contact info.

  • Send a good reply message
    Like a handshake, your reply message is your first impression, so send it promptly. People respond better to at least some price information, but it doesn’t need to be final. You can give a range, or ask for more information. Be clear about what is “in” and what is “out” of the job. Explain where the value is in your quote, and offer to tailor it to their needs.

    Remember, you aren’t just “quoting”, you are beginning a relationship. Use their name in the salutation, and sign your replies.

  • Write blogs, get reviews
    Don’t be afraid of the review process. Most people are reasonable, and Dexterous screens reviews with software for credibility. Nobody is perfect, and people actually are suspicious of “over the top” reviews. If you have 5 or more reviews, your chances of being hired go way up.

    Another great way to draw quotes is to write a few blogs on your Dexterous profile. Do you make furniture? Write a 500 word blog on how to take care of furniture finishes. Writing about something you know is quick, and customers really appreciate your expertise and willingness to share it.

    Blogs are the current gold standard for attracting targeted Google searches.

  • Be persistent!
    You can easily double your customer base using Dexterous, but it will take a little time for you to establish yourself. It will probably take you 5 quotes to get your first job. Telling us when you get hired bumps you up in our list to receive more quotes. Once you’ve built up 5 reviews and added a blog or two, you’ll be rolling along.

    Word of mouth is the best advertising, and Dexterous introduces you to a whole world of potential new customers. 

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