Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question and it doesn't answere here, please feel free to send us an email at and we will get back to you as early as possible.

Customers are the ones who wants to receive FREE quotes from our professionals.

Yes, this is 100% FREE service for all customers to receive quotes from our professionals.

Yes and No. Dexterous is FREE service in the first year; We wants professionals try our service for 1 year before start paying us.

Dexterous charges professionals based on lead introduction. So everytime a professional decides to quote a customer request, Dexterous will calculate the value of the lead and inform the professionals about the charge. It is normally between $2 - $20 for jobs of value of $100-$1000.

Dexterous is building a trusted network of professionals. We personally identify every single professionals who registers in Dexterous. Also, you can see what others said about the professionals who you want to hire. Even better, you can write review and rate the professionals based on your experience.

No, Dexterous is %100 non-commision based service. Every professional quotes independantly of Dexterous. We don't like to influance our professionals because we promise to be trusted, and this is a confilect with our missions statement.

Once you receive a FREE quotes from our professionals. You can see the professional public webpage which has reviews and rates for the professional. You can also rate and review the professional right there.

Just see their Dexterous public page. You can find all the reviews and rates on the page.

We aim for 5 independent quotes from professionals; but sometimes we don't have enough professionals in specific local community and we may have less than 5 quotes.

If you are not happy with the professional, write a review for them, and send us an email with your issue and we will follow up with the you.

Yes, If a professional do a great job, and have reviews of 5 star with nice comments, we will reward the professional with FREE credits to use toward our service.

Dexterous choose professionals based on their past experiences, their response rate to previous requests, their rates and reviews. So if you have a very high reviews and rates, and your response rate is less than 2 hours you will receive the request to quote jobs more than someone who is responsing on average of 5 hours.

Yes, we promise to have high quality service from every single professionals in our service. So all professionals who register in Dexterous must provide reference to customers.

Send us an email to and we will reply promptly.