Whether you want to plan your wedding, learn Spanish, or fix up that wet basement once and for all, Dexterous is here to help you find the right professional to get your project done. You can do anything with the right help, and it just takes three easy steps.

  • Post your project description on Dexterous

Use our easy posting form to describe your project and fill in some details.

“ I have a big suburban lawn. I need to get it cut regularly and plant some perennials. I’m looking for someone creative with an eye for detail.”

  • Review the quotes you get from Dexterous

You’ll receive up to 5 quotes from professionals who have the time and expertise to do your job right. You’ll get to look over their:

• personal message to you with attached estimate or quote

• professional Dexterous profile, customer reviews and contact info

  • Choose your Pro, call them up

Compare the features and prices of all your quotes. Check out the profiles and customer reviews of each professional. Choose one or more and get in touch. Either hire them, or share more information and negotiate a final project scope and price.

How Dexterous works for you

When looking for professionals to do a project, if you want the best price, highest quality, and most satisfaction, the key factor is finding the right person to work with you. Instead of wandering around the Internet looking for a good match, let Dexterous find and pre-screen your professionals, and make the introductions in a safe and secure environment where you can easily compare options and choose the right professional.

Dexterous is not directory, leaving you to scroll through lists and do a pile of research.

Dexterous is like a friend’s party, where you can ask your host who you should meet.

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